Activated Carbon/Charcoal Air Filters: How Long Do They Last?

One of the perks for most homeowners is having an air filtration system that purifies the air and rids it of pollutants and contaminants. The peculiarity of activated carbon filters makes it a common choice for homeowners.

LifeSupplyUSA activated carbon filters have been proven to efficiently rid the air of pollutants, allergens, and absorb harmful gases and volatile organic compounds.

One idea that lingers on activated carbon filter users is the filter usage duration. This article looks at: The duration of an activated carbon air filter, other factors that alter the lifespan and longevity of the filters, and how to ascertain that your filters need replacement.

How Long Do Activated Carbon Air Filters Last?

Although activated carbon air filters are amongst peoples' favorites, they are not forever lasting. At some point in time, they get saturated from continuously filtering particles and pollutants. Upon saturation, a carbon air filter no longer does its job. It is thus necessary that the filters be replaced after a particular time frame.

Typically, a good activated carbon air filter lasts for about six months and would need to be replaced once every year. This duration is subject to the quality of the carbon shoes acquired from LifeSupplyUSA. Substandard filters would not last as long. It is noteworthy that even with a good quality filter, the duration of use might be affected by several factors peculiar to different situations.

Factors That Affect the Longevity of Your Carbon Filter

As stated, different factors can affect the longevity of your activated carbon air filter. Here are three significant factors:

Level of Air Pollution

If you reside in an area close to a source of air pollutants, such as industrial factories or companies that manufacture home cleaning agents, your home is constantly plagued with a high level of air pollution. As a result, your air filter continually works to keep your air pure. A high level of work done continuously by your air filter causes it to get saturated more quickly. In this case, LifeSupplyUSA suggests you use the 4 Pack Carbon Pre-Filters for Holmes HAPF60, Bionaire A1260C. This would sustain you for a whole year, relieving you of the need to purchase new air filters regularly.

Quality of Carbon Filter

The quality of an activated carbon filter is determined by the level of activated charcoal and the filter's density. LifeSupplyUSA 2-Pack Replacement Filter fits Honeywell HEPAClean Air Purifier Replacement Filter HRF-C2, Filter C is a top-tier activated carbon filter that works well to keep the air in your home purified for a long duration. Less-than-optimal quality filters would need to be replaced multiple times in a year.

Size of the Air Filter

The size of your activated carbon air filter concerning your home's size affects its longevity. To ensure that your air filter lasts adequately, be sure to obtain sizes that are proportional to the size of your apartment. LifeSupplyUSA makes available a wide range of sizes to suit various apartment needs.

What Are The Indicators That Your Activated Carbon Air Filter Needs Replacement?

There are no specific indicators to tell you that your air filter in need of a replacement, but there are some things to look out for to help you ascertain your air filter needs to be replaced.

If you persistently observe the presence of pollutants or foul odor in your home, despite the air filter's presence, this shows that the activated carbon air filter is not working as it should and needs a replacement.

Activated carbon filters, including the LifeSupplyUSA Carbon Filters for Holmes HAPF30 HAPF-30D, usually have a distinct sweet smell. Your inability to perceive this sweet smell or a drastic reduction in the whiff of nice smelling air is a major indicator that your filter needs to be replaced.

Can Activated Carbon Air Filters Be Washed and Replaced?

Due to the fundamental design and mode of operation of activated carbon air filters, which are chemically binding and trapping contaminants, they cannot be washed and replaced. Washing interferes with and compromises the air's functionality filters.

Several factors affect the longevity of your activated carbon air filter. It is essential to put these factors into consideration to get value for your money. Choose only the best carbon air filters from LifeSupplyUSA to serve your air purification needs excellently. Should you need to replace an old activated carbon air filter or procure a new one, LifeSupplyUSA is adept at providing you with the best models of activated carbon air filters to maintain the purity and convenience of your home.

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