Benefits of Using an Air Purifier at Home

Air purifiers are a must-have for homes, especially considering the high air pollution levels around the world. These pollutants do not only affect outdoor living, but indoors as well.

In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opines that indoor air pollution levels are far higher than outdoors. This is because indoor airborne pollutants do not circulate; rather, they remain trapped in the rooms.
Moreover, most homes do not have a proper ventilation system. They are more prone to contaminants like dust, and attracting other agents like dust mites, bacteria, and viruses.

This is why an air purifier with a filter from LifeSupplyUSA is a must-have at home.

Air purifiers offer numerous benefits such as refreshing stale air, preventing asthma attacks, preventing health issues, and so on.

This article takes a detailed look at the benefits of using an air purifier at home. Read on to get started.

What are the benefits of air purifiers at home?

Air purifiers with filters from LifeSupplyUSA have both health and environmental benefits. Some of these purifiers that come with HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air) filters help in purifying the air by capturing pollutants found in the atmosphere. The multi-layered mesh traps the dust mites, pet dander, and pollens to ensure you have clean air to breathe. Other benefits include:

  • Eliminates harmful chemicals: External pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can seep into your home even when your windows and doors are tightly shut. This happens especially when you live in areas with factories or high automobile traffic. Besides exposure to external pollutants, some of the cleaning agents used in homes contain these harmful chemicals. They include phthalates, ammonia, and chlorine. Constant exposure to such chemicals could result in cancer, neurological disorders, and lots more. Air purifiers with filters from LifeSupplyUSA can clean these chemicals and prevent these health issues. The activated carbon found in the cleaner traps the chemicals, freeing the air from them.
  • Prevents asthma attacks: If you are prone to asthma attacks, you'll have to avoid triggers such as carbon monoxide, hairsprays, dirt, dust, cooking smoke, air-fresheners, cosmetics, perfumes, and new carpets. Exposure to them can trigger asthma symptoms such as wheezing. Now, there are air purifiers specifically made for removing the microscopic airborne asthma triggers. An example is the LifeSupplyUSA Replacement 3-in-1 True HEPA, Carbon, Pre Filter Set Compatible with Air Purifier Model AP1C.


  • Prevents lung disease: Air purifiers with activated carbon and HEPA filter help trap cigarette and tobacco smoke. Breathing in such smoke can be harmful to health. It might lead to pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, heart diseases, ear infection, lung disease in children, and dementia in older people. The best air purifier for trapping cigarette and tobacco smoke at home is the LifeSupplyUSA Replacement HEPA, and Pre Filter Compatible with GermGuardian FLT4100 Filter E fits AC4100 AC4150 Air Purifiers. It contains both the charcoal activated carbon and HEPA filter.
  • Improves sleep: Air purifiers generate a calming sound like ocean waves, soft enough to soothe you to sleep. What it does is relax your mind and calm your nerves—putting you in the perfect mood for a good night's sleep. Moreover, air pollutants such as dust mites or bacteria could trigger an illness known as hay fever. One of the symptoms of hay fever is a runny nose, which is disruptive to sleep. But an air purifier will clear the air from those pollutants, providing a suitable environment for sleeping. LifeSupplyUSA 4 Pack Carbon Filter fit Holmes HAP2400, HAP242, HAP412, and Bionaire BAP260 Air Purifier improves sleep by removing odors, chemicals, pet danders, etc. from the atmosphere.


  • Absorbs smell: Air purifiers with filters like those produced at LifeSupplyUSA help absorb all types of smells, pleasant or unpleasant, to leave the room in a natural state. Unpleasant odors from chemicals such as the ones found in aerosol sprays or paints can lead to breathlessness and nausea. Some might cause mental issues. Even those found in air fresheners could be harmful as well without proper air ventilation. You can prevent this by purchasing a quality air purifier with a great filter.
  • Increases air circulation: In winter, people tend to insulate or caulk their homes to keep them warm. But that action also locks in air pollutants. Getting an air purifier with an excellent filter from LifeSupplyUSA ensures oxygen circulates even when your house is heavily insulated. Why? The air delivery rating (ADR) unit can increase air circulation in your home up to 6 times stronger per day, trapping the air pollutant in the unit.


Air purifiers with filters from LifeSupplyUSA offer some amazing benefits. They do not only absorb the smell, but they also increase air circulation, improve sleep, prevent lung diseases, among so many other health and environmental benefits.

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