Extension Cords Suitable For Your Home, Office, And Garage

We all use at least one extension cord either in our house, office, or garage. However, it is vital to be more concerned about using the right extension cord for your desired purpose. This is why at LifeSupplyUSA, we offer a wide variety of extension cords suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This article takes a detailed look at the different types of extension cords suitable for home, office and even garage. Read on.


Extension Cords Are Suitable for the Home, Office, and Garage


All extension cords sold at LifeSupplyUSA are designed to be used for specific purposes. Using the wrong cord for a specified purpose can lead to malfunctioning. The information below will help you decide the best type of extension for your home, office, or garage.

  • Wire gauge: The gauge of a cord indicates if it can be used for lightweight or heavy-duty and continuous use such as with power tools, computers, heaters, etc., although most heavy-duty extension cords tend to be used in the office or garage. Gauge numbers can be confusing. The higher the gauge number, the smaller the cord's actual gauge. The commonly used gauges are American Wire Gauge (AWG) AWG 16, AWG 14, AWG 12, AWG 10, and AWG 8. The lower the number, the stronger or thicker the wire. The thicker the wire, the more watts it powers. So, a 10 or 12 gauge can power more heavy-duty appliances than a 16 AWG cord, a lightweight cord meant for light-duty appliances.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Extension Cords: Outdoor in this context can be your office or garage, while indoor refers to the home. The outdoor extension cord has tough covers made from plastic, vinyl, and rubber. Using indoor cables for offices or garages can lead to electrocution, overheating, or cord failure. Extension cords have three categories of use: occasional, frequent, and rugged.
  • Occasional use: These are extension cords that are not always in use. They are often a lightweight, light gauge (16 AWG) cord. Rare use cords are suitable for light-duty applications in the home like running Christmas lights or household items like a vacuum cleaner, portable fans, and electric hedge trimmers.
  • Frequent use: A 25ft cord from LifeSupplyUSA can be used for regular applications like lawnmowers, power drills, table saws, & television sets. These extension cords can perfectly work for power tools, electric chainsaws, leaf or snow blowers, etc. They can handle more extensive tools and equipment and heavier use.
  • Rugged use: A 10- to 12AWG cable is for heavy and extra heavy-duty applications (chainsaws, circular saws, shop vacs, air compressors, etc.). These are the heavier weight and heavier-duty cords designed for tools with high-amperage consistent use on job sites, even in extreme weather.


Things to Look Out For When Purchasing Extension Cords


When buying an extension from LifeSupplyUSA either for the home, office, or garage, you must check the cord packing for specific letters that shows where and how they can be used. Some of the letters and their indications are listed below.

S: Means a flexible cord that can be used for general purpose
W: Indicates the cord is designed for outdoor purpose
J: Shows it has standard 300-volt insulation. The absence of J in the cord packing indicates the cord has thicker, 600-voltage insulation for heavier use.
P: Means parallel wire construction, which are in air conditioner cords and household extension cords
T: This means the cord jacket is made from vinyl thermoplastic
E: Indicates the cord jacket is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer rubber)
O: Indicates the cord is oil-resistant

Although extension cords are very important for office, home, and garage use, it is vital to opt for the right cord that suits your need. At the LifeSupplyUSA, you will find a wide variety of extension cords suitable for different use.

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