How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioning air filters from LifeSupplyUSA play an important role in eliminating impurities and delivering clean air through your heating and cooling systems. It also helps to prevent your air conditioner from damage by trapping dander, lint, dust, and pollen. Dreadfully, one of the last things that come to peoples' minds is cleaning their air conditioner filters. This article takes a look at the reasons why you should keep your air conditioning air filter clean and right way to clean it.

Why should you keep your air conditioning air filters clean?

The air filters in your cooling system work to trap particles in a mesh and prevent it from going through the airflow system. Over time, as the filter continues to purify the air, there is an accumulation of dust particles on the filters.

These particles, if left unresolved, lead to the formation of mold and could be a good breeding site for fungi and bacteria. These fungi and bacteria get through the airflow system and can predispose to respiratory conditions and irritation. The accumulation of particles also clogs and blocks the free flow of air and might cause your air conditioner to do more work, hence consuming more energy. It could also lead to damage of your air conditioning system. All the aforementioned points to the need of maintaining and cleaning the air filters of your air conditioning system.

How often should you clean your air conditioning filters?

The frequency in which you clean your air filters from LifeSupplyUSA is dependent on the situation and the level of pollution in your home. Ideally, air filters should be cleaned every month, or less than that if you have a high level of air pollution. This recommendation is not a one-size-fits-all. It is upon you to inspect your air conditioning systems regularly and determine if the air filters need to be cleaned. The presence of dust, lint, or mold accumulations on the air filters are indicators that they need to be cleaned.

What you need to get your air conditioning filter clean:

  • Hand Gloves
  • Vacuum Cleaner Brush
  • Water
  • Vinegar

A step-by-step guide on how to clean your air conditioning filters from LifeSupplyUSA

  1. Turn off the air conditioner: The initial thing to do before you clean your air conditioning filters is to turn off the air conditioner. This is because as you remove the filters, it is going to give way for air pollutants to go through if the air conditioner is turned on, and you would not want unfiltered air circulating your home.
  2. Identify the location of your air conditioning filter: Different air conditioning systems come with variations in their designs. Try to find where your air filter is located. If you cannot do that successfully, consult your air conditioning manual or manufacturer. Some air conditioners may also have space for multiple air filters; it is thus important to check for extra air filters for your cleaning process to be complete.
  3. Vacuum the air conditioner: Use a vacuum cleaner to take out dust from the air conditioner. LifeSupplyUSA has a variety of vacuum accessories to help do this job. The Dust & Upholstery Brush Combo Tool Attachment fits your vacuum cleaner and helps you take out the dust in your filters.
  4. Wash with part vinegar and water: After vacuuming with the aid of your LifeSupplyUSA brush attachment, immerse the air filter in a large bowl containing water and vinegar mixed in equal parts. Vinegar enhances the cleaning property of water and helps to remove dust and dirt. You might also consider using baking soda to help eliminate bad odor from the filter.
  5. Leave out the filter to dry: After washing, it is vital to leave out your filter to dry completely before installing. In no circumstance should a damp air filter be reinstalled, as it can undermine the effectiveness of your air filter.


Note that not all air conditioner filters are reusable and accommodate water. Check your manual to ensure that your air filter is washable and reusable. Air filters that cannot be reused would have to be replaced. For optimum efficiency of your air conditioning system, you should regularly clean to retain the freshness of your airflow. LifeSupplyUSA provides you with the best air conditioning filters and also the right tools to keep your filters cleaned.

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