How to Keep Children Safe from Electric Shock

How to Keep Children Safe from Electric Shock

Electrical safety is essential for parents, especially those with young ones crawling around and exploring the environment. Ideally, children should not be left alone in a room where electrical appliances or fittings are used. However, the best way to keep your kids safe is by securing electrical outlets within their reach to avoid electric shock and untimely death.

Top Five Safety Tips

This article from LifeSupplyUSA takes a detailed look at some safety tips to keep your kids from electric shock and the entire family at large.

1. Avoid Using Extension Cords In Your Child's Room

Children tend to chew anything their hands can find, including extension cords, and doing this exposes them to electric shocks. Children do not understand that currents flow in cords. This is why at LifeSupplyUSA, we advise our clients to avoid using extension cords in children's rooms.

2. Make Use of Electrical Outlet Caps

When children poke metals or their hands into an outlet, it could result in electric shock. Electrical outlet caps are the easiest way to stop your child from poking fingers or sticking objects into electrical outlets. Outlet covers can be plugged directly into your electrical outlets. The exposed part of it is flat and gives your kids a grip on it. A child is safer from electric shock when he or she is unable to insert an object into electric outlets.

3. Use Short Cords

If you need an extension cord to use indoors in order to plug in a lamp or phone charger near an end table, a simple cord like the 10-foot long from LifeSupplyUSA is the best choice. A longer cord can form a loop around your child's foot and cause him to fall or pull-down things connected to it. Furthermore, short cords are also neater and safer for your kid at home.

4. Unplug All Appliances When Not in Use

Ensure that you unplug or turn off all appliances in your home, especially in your kid's room, before going to bed. This is because your kids may get up at night to play around and get caught up around the long cords. Keep outlets and cords out of their reach.

5. Educate Your Children

Teach teens and older kids the dangers of electrical cords and handle them safely. Explain to them how dangerous overloading outlets using extension cords can be. Check their rooms to ensure they do not plug their laptops, phones, video games, and TV in a single outlet. Confirm that the appliance in their room is turned off every night.

The under-listed tips can help teach your children about electric safety.

  • Set aside family time when all kids will be available to discuss this.
  • Use interactive videos, books, and activity sheets to capture their interest in the topic.
  • Use an inexpensive cord from LifeSupplyUSA to give them a hands-on lesson; children learn more with examples. Since they are always curious about what is inside the cable, tell them how dangerous and harmful its contents can be.
  • Show them how plastic plugs are used to cover sockets for safety.
  • Teach your kids the importance of not touching electrical appliances with wet hands.
  • Once you are confident that they have learned about the safe use of electricity, assess them by asking questions.


Other Electrical Safety Tips for Children:

It only takes a little mistake for electric shocks to happen, but these mistakes can be prevented with these simple tips.

  • Keep clothes and other inflammable items away from electrical appliances.
  • Keep only good cords from LifeSupplyUSA. If you notice any wear or tear, replace them immediately.
  • Ensure your child is at least 10 feet away from water or wet surface whenever using an electric toy.
  • Always check outlets and electrical appliances in your home and especially children's room. If you notice any faults, call a professional electrician to fix them immediately.
  • If you must use an extension cord, opt for high-quality cords from LifeSupplyUSA and avoid all the fake cords available in the market.


Safety First...

Children, for many reasons, are always attracted to electrical outlets and appliances. Most times, wading them off electrical appliances can be quite challenging. However, the best way to keep your kids safe from electric shocks and the trauma associated with them is by opting for premium quality cords from LifeSupplyUSA and educating your kids on making good use of them.

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