HVAC Furnace Air Filters: 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying


The importance of having cooling and heating systems in homes cannot be overemphasized. These systems make the home convenient for living. For your HVAC furnace to work effectively, there is a need to have the right air filters. Air filters from LifeSupplyUSA help in keeping away particles, pollutants, allergens, and dust from passing through your HVAC furnace and also protect your system from damage. This article takes a detailed look at the HVAC Furnace Air Filters and factors to consider when buying one.

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How Do HVAC Air Filters Work?

HVAC air filters are placed between the air ducts and the flow system. The filters from LifeSupplyUSA are made of fibers that form a mesh and work to trap air particles.

The dynamics between the number of particles trapped and the degree of airflow determine your filter system's efficiency. It is important to understand that the denser your air filter is, the lesser the airflow, and this would require your HVAC system to do more work.

Types of Filters Available For your HVAC Furnace

LifeSupplyUSA offers different types of air filters for your HVAC furnace. These filters are created with diverse features and functionalities. Therefore, it is essential to understand these variations when opting for one.

Flat-panel filters: Flat-panel air filters are made of fibrous materials in a cardboard frame and are usually meant for filtering larger size particles. Although cheap, they might not be the best options for effective filtering of pollutants, danders, and contaminant particles. This is because of the small particle trapping surface area they possess.
• Pleated panel filters: Pleated panels function better at keeping your air indoors free of pollutants and contaminants. This is due to the larger surface area obtained from the accordion-shaped panels. Pleated panels are usually disposable but last longer than flat panels.
• Electrostatic filters: Electrostatic filters utilize electrostatic charges to trap even the most minute-sized particles. Electrostatic filters are either flat or pleated filters with an enhanced trapping ability. LifeSupplyUSA Furnace AC HVAC Air Filter with Electrostatic Technology MPR 2200/MERV 13 is a top-tier filter that ensures that you get the best quality of air in your home. It also protects allergen from getting through your air control system and thus reduces the chances of getting allergic reactions.
• HEPA filters: This type of filter is notable for their ability to filter up to 99.9% of particulate matter and are amongst the top-rated and most efficient filters. HEPA filters are usually of high density and might not be compatible with most HVAC systems as they are mostly suited for high-energy air control systems.

Five Things To Consider Before Getting HVAC Furnace Air Filters

Cost: It might be a little tempting to go for extremely low-cost filters. Low-cost filters found in markets do not do a good job of keeping your airflow system free of contaminants and, as a result, would need to be repeatedly replaced. At LifeSupplyUSA, the quality of air filters takes precedence over costs. You will be buying an inexpensive filter made of high-quality materials, isn't that amazing?
Size: The size of your furnace filter is one of the most important considerations to make before acquiring a new filter. A wrong-sized filter will not fit into your furnace and compromises filtering. The gaps would be a leeway for unwanted particles to get in. LifeSupplyUSA provides a wide range of sizes for furnace filters. All you have to do is to ensure that the size indicated matches your furnace.

Density: The density of filters varies directly with the filtering capacity. High-density filters such as the Heavy Duty 16x16x1 Aluminum Electrostatic Washable Air Purifier A/C Filter for Central HVAC Conditioner Furnace do an excellent job of trapping most particles. If you require a highly effective air filter for powerful HVAC systems, this is your best bet.
MERV rating: The MERV rating indicates the efficiency of air filters ranging between 1- 20. For the freshest air, choose the LifeSupplyUSA Furnace AC HVAC Air Filter with Electrostatic Technology MPR 2200/MERV 13. With an excellent MERV rating, this air filter can trap even microscopic substances and is highly efficient at keep-away dust pollutants and harmful substances.
Respiratory conditions: If you or anyone in your home deal with respiratory conditions such as asthma, then a stellar performance air filter is required to efficiently attract and trap microscopic particles including dust, dander, and links to keep the air free of pollutants.


Without a filter for your heating and cooling systems, you are liable to have an accumulation of dust and particles in your home. To prevent this, you must choose only the best filters to ensure that your HVAC system works efficiently and delivers quality air. LifeSupplyUSA HVAC furnace filters offer all these and many more. They are made with high-quality materials, and are affordable and durable.

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