Removing Yard Moles Safely and Humanely

Moles infest yards and cause significant destruction. The critters are excellent diggers that can create about 18 feet of tunnels within an hour. It is important to get rid of moles as soon as you confirm the presence of the critters in your yard, but it is even more important to do so through safe and humane methods. This includes the use of humane animal traps from LifeSupplyUSA. With these traps, the critters can be caught and promptly relocated.

Safely Remove a Yard Mole

This article highlights the safe and humane methods of removing moles from yards. The critters frequent yards and gardens because they provide ample food sources.


You can catch moles and relocate them using live humane traps from LifeSupplyUSA. Since the critters are excellent diggers and spend a lot of time in tunnels, measures of live trapping should be aimed at trapping the critters from the tunnels.


You can also choose to use a DIY measure for trapping moles, which involves creating a bucket trap. Dig the hole along the tunnel and place a bucket in that tunnel. The hole and bucket should be between two and five gallons. Cover the bucket and check it regularly for a mole that has fallen into it. The goal is for the critter to fall into the bucket and be unable to escape until you capture it. You should have a proper plan for relocating the critters. Confirm the local regulations before embarking on any measure of relocating the critters.

Tube Trapping

You could also apply tube traps to get rid of moles. The traps are set along the regular path of the critters. Find an active tunnel, and place the tunnel trap in it. The critters will enter the hole and be unable to leave. The trap is to be checked, and trapped critters removed and relocated swiftly according to the applicable regulations.

Cage Trapping

Live trapping of moles with traps such as those available at www.LifeSupplyUSA.com will help to reduce the population of the critters in the area.

Habitat Modification

Habitat modification can be applied as an effective way of getting rid of the critters. Habitat modification especially works for moles because they are drawn to the areas that contain their food.

Moles are insectivorous critters and feed on small insects and grubs. The critters especially infest yards because they will find grubs.

Removal of Food Source

If yards are modified such that grubs and insects are not readily available, moles will find the area unattractive, and the level of infestation is reduced.

Remove all possible natural sources of food from the yard to reduce infestations and cause the area to be unattractive. Since grubs are a major source of food for moles, a safe and humane way of ridding a yard of moles is to control the population of grubs naturally.

Homemade Repellents

Simple homemade repellents can be applied to get rid of the critters. A simple homemade repellent for getting rid of the critters is a mixture of dish soap and castor oil.

This homemade repellent can be made with two tablespoons of dish soap and six ounces of castor oil. Castor oil can also be mixed with water and cayenne pepper to make a castor oil spray. Castor oil has been reported to be effective. It will not affect plants or other animals, but moles find the smell unappealing. The strong smell of castor oil could drive moles out of an area.

Castor Oil

As a repellent, this castor oil preparation can drive the critters away but will not kill them. Apart from castor oil, other repellents that can be applied in getting rid of moles from an area include lye, garlic cloves, peppers, and human hairballs. Although mothballs have been recommended as repellents, it is noteworthy that mothballs could be toxic to moles.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is another effective homemade repellent. Moles particularly find cats threatening. Placing cat litter around molehills can help scare them away from the area. While these natural repellents are not the kind of traps available at LifeSupplyUSA, they can be applied as part of measures to get rid of the critters, particularly if you have many.

Plant Repellents

Growing repellent plants can help get rid of the critters from an area. Just like live trapping with traps available at LifeSupplyUSA, plant repellents will get rid of the critters humanely and safely.

Marigolds & Daffodils

For plant repellents to be effective, they have to be applied for a long period. Marigolds and daffodils are two plants that can be applied in getting rid of moles from an area. Moles hate the smell of both marigolds and daffodils and will leave areas where the plants grow. If you’re not up to trapping, apply plant repellents to get rid of the critters.


Getting rid of critters from your home shouldn’t cost you a lot. Using humane animal traps from the LifeSupplyUSA store and all the methods listed above can help do the trick, all at affordable costs!

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