The Best Reasons to Use a Humane Mouse Trap

The Best Reasons to Use a Humane Mouse Trap

Rats are highly destructive critters, and it is always important that effective measures are taken to get rid of the critters after an infestation is confirmed. There are several methods for getting rid of rats.

First on the list is through the use rat traps, which could be inhumane or humane. In an animal-friendly society, it is vital to opt for a humane rat trap sold by LifeSupplyUSA. These humane animal traps are the best for rat removal and control. Here are some of the top reasons to opt for a humane rat trap:


Humane traps are particularly easy to use. Mentally and physically, it is better for everyone involved. With minimal torture and ease of use, these traps make it a breeze to relocate pests.

Minimal Torture

As highlighted above, inhumane traps subject rats to a lot of torture. This is especially the case with inhumane traps like glue boards. The glue boards are placed in areas that the critters frequent and contain a strong adhesive. When rats walk across the trap, they are immobilized by strong adhesives. After rats are immobilized with strong adhesives, they do not die immediately. The trapped critters typically struggle to their deaths. Instead of subjecting the critters to this highly inhumane treatment, humane traps can be bought from LifeSupplyUSA and installed in strategic locations. After the critters are trapped, they can be humanely relocated.

Ease of Use

The ease of use of humane rat traps is noteworthy when compared with inhumane measures such as poisoning. While the use of humane traps simply involves setting the trap, baiting the trap, and removing the critters, the use of poisons can be much more complicated. The use of poison to get rid of rats is much more complicated than the use of live traps in that it also involves finding rat carcasses after they have been killed. We should mention that the carcasses are hazardous materials, and their presence in an area could cause the spread of serious diseases.


The safety of using humane rat traps is another important reason for using them over inhumane traps. The live traps available at LifeSupplyUSA are safe to use because they do not involve introducing any kind of toxins into the environment. Ensure the safety of your children and pets by eliminating the risk of secondary poisoning and by eliminating toxins.

No Secondary Poisoning

When humane options like live traps are chosen over inhumane options like poisoning, the risk of secondary poisoning is eliminated. The risk of secondary poisoning comes from the fact that poisons can affect other animals apart from rats.

For example, scavengers could feed on the carcasses of rats that were killed with poisons. If the scavengers consume large quantities of the poisons from the carcasses, the poisons can have significant negative effects on the scavenger and even kill them. Pets like cats can also be victims of secondary poisoning when they consume rat poisons directly or indirectly. Rat poisons can kill other animals just like they can kill rats. On the other hand, humane options like live traps are specifically designed to suit the features of rats.

No Toxins

If you're particularly concerned about introducing toxins on your property or in your home, you can choose live traps for rats over poisons, glue boards, and other inhumane options. The live traps that can be bought from LifeSupplyUSA are safe to use because they are aimed at relocating the critters. The traps are designed such that rats can easily trigger them and be trapped. The trapped rats are then removed and relocated to suitable areas.


As much as rats are highly destructive critters that are a serious pain to have around, they should not be removed using inhumane methods that subject them to undue trauma. The inhumane measures of getting rid of rats are also discouraged because of their harm to the environment and other critters. Instead of inhumane means of removing and controlling rats, humane measures can be applied. Live traps are one of the humane measures that can be applied in getting rid of rats.

Live traps can be bought from LifeSupplyUSA and set according to outlined instructions to capture the critters. After the critters are captured, they should be effectively removed. The use of live traps is suitable as part of short and long-term rat control and removal goals.

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