The Right Way to Set a Humane Mouse Trap

Humane mouse traps are effective tools for getting rid of mice from indoor and outdoor spaces. These traps available at LifeSupplyUSA are designed for the safe and effective trapping of mice from all kinds of environments.

How to Set a Humane Mouse Trap

For a humane trap to be used effectively, it must be properly set up. This article highlights the procedures for setting up a humane mouse trap. Read on:

Create a plan

Before you apply and set a humane mouse trap, research the process and find all the related regulations. Since the traps available at LifeSupplyUSA are humane and not aimed to kill the critters, you must have a good understanding of how to use them. Your plan must cover how to check the trap regularly, and relocating the trapped critters afterward.

Attract the critters

Before setting a humane mouse trap from LifeSupplyUSA, prep the area where the trap will be applied. You can do this by applying baits that will attract the critters. This step is to earn their trust. Leave favorite food items for the critters so that they get accustomed to visiting the area.

You could also engage in pre-baiting. Pre-baiting means leaving baits for the critters in the trap and leaving the trap free. So, the critters can associate the trap with a positive reward and keep visiting. When you eventually set the trap to catch the critters, they will not consider it a threat.

Choose the right trap 

Choosing the right trap is a critical process in setting humane mouse traps the right way. The trap should be suitable for the critter you’re trying to catch. Go for high-quality traps that are available at the best prices. You can find such traps at LifeSupplyUSA.com.

Also, ensure that the trap is made of high-quality materials and has the capability to withstand the elements. Humane live traps are meant for indoor and outdoor use and should be very durable. The traps should not pose a serious threat to the critters. There should be no sharp edges that can injure the critters. The trap should also not be capable of overheating since the critters may be in a trap for a few hours.

Prepare the trap

After you have prepped the area and chosen the right trap, the next step is to bait the trap. The focus of baiting should not just be within the trap, but should also be outside the trap. Live traps from LifeSupplyUSA are designed to ensure that the bait can be placed strategically to capture the mouse. Mice will definitely activate the mechanism when the bait is placed underneath the trap pan. Place bait in front of the trap door as well as underneath the trap pan.

Set the trap

After baiting the trap, you can now set it. Set the trap carefully to avoid injuring your fingers especially. Open the door, and attach it to the roof of the trap. Check regularly according to the schedule created during the planning phase.

Relocate the critter 

Live traps from LifeSupplyUSA are bound to catch mice within a short period. If you follow the steps highlighted in this article, you will find a mouse in your trap soon enough. When you find the mouse, relocate them according to the established plan.

Relocation Options

You could also engage professional mouse removal service providers. If you will be relocating the critters yourself, carefully handle the trap and relocate the critters into a suitable location. Ensure that the critters are not distressed in any way while they are being relocated. If you will be driving a long distance before relocating the critters, ensure that the trapped critters are well fed and safe the entire period.


In using humane animal traps, it is vital to ensure that all measures applied are in line with the local regulations. Remember, the first step to getting a durable human mouse trap that provides the highest level of efficiency is by shopping at LifeSupplyUSA.com.

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