Top Rated Furnace Filters for Allergies in 2022

Getting a quality furnace filter for your home is essential, especially if you have allergies.

A high-quality filter from LifeSupplyUSA will trap and remove allergies from the atmosphere, providing you with fresh air to inhale. Furnace filters help to keep your home environment clean and healthy. Besides allergens, these filters trap dust, bacteria, pollen, and other contaminants from the air. But before purchasing a furnace filter, you want to be sure you are getting the right one. A furnace filter should possess certain specifications before it's regarded as the best quality. In this article, you'll discover the necessary qualities to consider before purchasing a furnace filter, including a list of the best furnace filter for allergies.

Types of Allergens

There are three common allergens you can find in the home, and they are:

  1. Pollen
  2. Dust mites
  3. Pet dander


Pollens are microscopic granules that find their way into the air from their plants. They can spread far and wide, and inevitably make their way into homes. When some people inhale them, they develop allergies.

Other common allergens you can find in the home are dust mites and pet hair and dander. A dust mite is an insect you will mostly find in the bedroom, curtain, or carpet. Pets like dogs and cats shed their hair, which leaves the home filled with pet hair and dander. That, along with their saliva, is also considered an allergen.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Furnace Filter

When purchasing a furnace filter from LifeSupplyUSA, you need to ensure it matches the furnace's specifications to make sure that it fits into place. Other things to consider include:

Filter thickness: A filter's thickness could be anywhere from 1-5 inches. Thicker filters are known for their ability to block more particles compared to thinner ones. So, it would be best if you made buying a thick filter a priority. However, you also need to check the compatibility of the filter with your furnace. Not all furnaces were built to accommodate thick filters. If you try to force a thick filter to fit into an incompatible cartridge, it will reduce the efficiency of the furnace as it struggles to get air through it.

Washable or disposable: It's necessary to change your furnace filter at least every six months. This helps prevent particles from damaging the furnace's fan, heating coils, and other working parts. You can choose either a washable or disposable furnace filter.

Washable filters are usually heavier and last longer, although this depends on the brand. LifeSupplyUSA washable filters are long-lasting. Disposable filters from LifeSupplyUSA require less effort. You can toss it away after use. It is lightweight and less expensive than a washable filter.

MERV Rating: Every furnace filter has a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The reporting value ranges from 1-20. Filters within the range of 6-12 are for residential households. Before buying that furnace filter, check your furnace's recommended filter MERV rating. You will find it in the operating manual. LifeSupplyUSA furnace filters are rated at MERV 8 and are suitable for both home and office.

Climate: Consider the climate of your area when getting a furnace filter. A damp region is more susceptible to mold growth. If you live in a place with high levels of humidity, get a furnace filter with MERV 6 rating and above to prevent mold from getting into the furnace. All LifeSupplyUSA furnace filters fulfill this requirement at a MERV 8 rating.

Best Furnace Filters for Allergies in 2022

Now you know the specifications to look out for when shopping for a furnace filter, here are some of the best furnace filters from LifeSupplyUSA that prevent allergy triggers:



These furnace filters from LifeSupplyUSA are created with high quality materials that are very durable. They also play an essential role in improving air quality in your home and getting rid of allergy triggers. Give it a try today!

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