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3 Pack Replacement Filter Holmes Humidifier HWF65 HWF-65 H65-CHM1800, HM1840, HM1845, HM1850

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Quick Overview
  • Filter Type C fits H65-CHM1800, HM1840, HM1845, HM1850, HM1851, HM1855, HM1865, HM1888, HM1889, HM1895, HM1975, HM2059, HM2060W, HM2090, HM3000, HM3800, HM3850, HM7600, and HM4000
  • Antimicrobial Wick Filter
  • Traps impurities in the water
  • This humidifier filter is designed to prevent growth and migration of mold, fungus, algae, and bacteria
  • Designed and Engineered by LifeSupplyUSA